Finished the Mini-LD, ready to do it again in 15 days!

Well, I finished my Mini-LD game, Gravity Flip, and had a lot of fun making it!  This whole post basicly a Post Mortem of my game.

What Went Right:

  • Game Idea  –  I aimed for something simple and fun.
  • Theme  –  I can do pixel art.
  • Flashpunk  –  It’s easy to use.
  • Level design  –  I’m great at creating evil levels.  Unfortunately, none of the playtesters beat them all without cheating 😦
  • Music  –  Sounds great!
  • Playtesting  –  I had 2 people playtest while I could watch them and hear them give me feedback.

What Went Wrong:

  • Flashpunk  –  It was the first time I used it!  Luckily it’s easy to learn 🙂
  • Submission process  –  I HATE U McFUNKYPANYS!!!  I never even got to submit my game, because the submission process makes no sense!
  • Sound  –  I’m not really happy with it.  It should stand out more.

What I Learned:

  • Know what you are allowed to use ahead of time.  I’m not sure if I was even allowed to use the music that I did for a Ludum Dare.
  • Sleep (But only when you need to.)  I slept, but not before it was affecting my programming skills.
  • Aim for something you can create.  I knew I could make a gravity switch platformer because I had made one before.

Well, I had fun with the mini LD, and I’m ready to do it again in 15 days!  Who’s with me?


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