Looping multiple songs in flashpunk

Hello!  Today I’m going to talk about looping multiple songs in flashpunk.  If you just want to loop one song, you can simply call:


But if you want multiple songs located in separate files to loop, then it gets harder.  I use the following code:

[Embed(source = '../assets/music/song1.mp3')] private const BGMusicEmbed1:Class;
public var BGMusic1:Sfx = new Sfx(BGMusicEmbed1);
[Embed(source = '../assets/music/song2.mp3')] private const BGMusicEmbed2:Class;
public var BGMusic2:Sfx = new Sfx(BGMusicEmbed2);

public var tracks:Array = new Array(BGMusic1, BGMusic2);
public var musicplaying:Boolean = false;

//Inside update loop:
musicplaying = false;

for (var i:Number = 0; i < tracks.length; i ++)
    if (tracks[i].playing)
        musicplaying = true;

if (!musicplaying)

Now I’ll explain what that does.

The first 5 lines embed 2 songs and put them in a array.

The first for loop finds out if any of the songs are playing.  If none are playing, it sets musicplaying to false.

The if statement plays a random song from the array if no songs are playing at the moment.

There are a number of ways this could be improved.  It could keep track of the song it was last playing and make sure not to play it twice in a row.  It could also loop through them, shuffling the array each time, so that it will have the maximum amount of time between each song repeating while still playing a random song.  This snippet is just a *simple* song manager.



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