Pixel Ninja!

Hey everybody!

I made a ludum dare game called Pixel Ninja.  The theme of the LD was Minimalism, so I made a game about a ninja made of pixels.  You run around collecting blue orbs in the 2000 by 2000 block map.  I’m waiting for a postmortem until my game gets scored, but I’m willing to make a prepostmortem.  So a mortem I guess?

But first, play Pixel Ninja!

What went right:

  • The art.
    I can do pixel art, so I use it whenever I can.  7/13 of the comments so far are people saying “I liked the Ninja/art”
  • The music.
    My friend rytonbay did the music for it, and it’s great!
  • It was a platformer.
    I can make platformers.

What went wrong:

  • My computer.
    I needed to switch browsers to k-meleon during the LD just because I didn’t have enough RAM 😥
  • My timing.
    I had just finished an RPG session when I notice “Oh, right, Ludum Dare already started.”
  • The theme.

It feels good to get back into game dev again when I had been doing other things for a while now.